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One-time comparison between 7CR and Goldmann readings

Submitted by Sean Mei on Tue, 07/17/2012 - 10:33pm

On June 26 at New England Eye Center, I brought my 7CR to the doctor's appointment to compare reading with the standard Goldmann IOP device.

I did 6 measurements per eye with 7CR first and then immediately after, the doctor read my IOP using Goldmann.

IOPg from 7CR was 23 mmHg on both eyes. The values were calculated from 5 valid measurements per eye. IOPg from Goldmann was 18 mmHg on both eyes. There was offset of 5 between those two devices.

My IOP varied more than 5 mmHg within a short amount of time!

Submitted by Sean Mei on Wed, 09/29/2010 - 3:07pm

I am using 7CR and collecting at least 3 readings in each eye each time. The data shown here were in left eye.

This does not happen every time but it did happen. Here is one example. My IOP varied from 13.0 to 18.6 mmHg within 1 min, a 6.6 mmHg difference! 

           time             IOPcc    IOPg    IOPdiff  Score

07/22 19:37:52      18.6      16.4      2.2       9.1
07/22 19:37:27      13.0      12.6      0.4       9.0
07/22 19:37:19      13.7      12.3      1.4       8.6

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