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Trabulectomy Question

Submitted by nancyg on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 9:06pm

Searching for some help...

This is my first time writing on this board, but I try to read the posts each day. I joined a while back as my mother, who is an active 87 year old suffers from glaucoma. She see her optometrist once a month for pressure checks. She has been under the care of a glaucoma specialist with the Wolfe Eye Clinic. She has had multiple laser surgeries done. She takes or has tried all drops that are out there.Even after all of that, she lost the sight in her left eye due to high pressures about 2 years ago. Desperately trying to save the sight in her right eye, we recently took her to a glaucoma specialist in Minnesota for another opinion. She continues to take multiple drops in her eyes. She has tried all sorts of vitamins..and we have taken her since August to a acupuncturist that specializes in eye diseases. She continues to battle the high pressures off and on. She tells me she can see at a distance, but has trouble reading...or things seem to appear to be in a fog. She has purchased a couple of high powered and very good magnifying glasses, and she has a reading machine that enlarges the print.The Minnesota doctor suggested a Trabulectomy. I have tried to do research on it...but would like to know if anyone on here has had this surgery. If you have had it, could you please tell us what it was like, what were the outcomes, etc. The Iowa doctor with the Wolfe Eye Clinic had suggested the surgery with the drain tube, but when she went in Sept. for a consultation, he told her her pressures were down, and it would not be done. She has been very depressed, and we are all trying to do whatever we can, so she will not go blind and keep the sight in her "good eye". Many of the doctors we see just say, well, glaucoma is an insidious disease..and you will go blind. We live in hope that that will not happen. We believe the acupuncture has helped with the pressures, but it is a 4 hour drive to see him. But, she just tells us daily she feels her eyes are getting worse. Please give me any feed back you have on what has worked for some of you...or if you have any experience in this surgery. I so appreciate everything I read each day about suggestions and your journeys with glaucoma. Thank you...just looking for hope~~~~ thank you...

Nancy Kunickis

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