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Calcium and Magnesium affects on IOP

Submitted by dsaito on Sun, 01/16/2011 - 2:09pm

I saw an interesting program on television where a woman giving birth went into a very serious seizure.  The doctors were scrambling to find magnesium to handle the seizure, but they were out!  They searched and searched and finally found some.  The magnesium was administered via IV.  Once the magnesium was administered the seizure stopped.  However, the patient become unresponsive and was unconcious.  They had found in their rush to find the magnesium, they had administered too much.   Luckily the lead doctor was studying recently for an exam, and knew the antidote to magnesium overdose is calcium.  So they administered calcium and the patient came to.  

It is interesting to me that the balance of calcium and magnesium is such an important factor in the body.  According to my wife who has studied the body and muscles, calcium allows the muscles to contract while magnesium allows them to relax.  While this may be a simple explanation, I decided to look into this further. 

I did further research into this and found too much calcium constricts blood vessels while magnesium blocks the affects of calcium as well as increases he body's production of nitric oxide which widens blood vessels. 

Now, if you read my earlier blog, I've been sleeping with my head elevated which has been lowering my IOP throughout the night and in the morning.  However, I also took calcium-magnesium supplements in powered form mixed in hot water over four days to see the effect. I found the IOP higher in the morning when I did this.  In fact, after four days, it was significantly higher and increased approximately 4 mm Hg. 

Knowing my diet, I am guessing, I probably have sufficient calcium - I drink raw organic milk every day.  However, the calcium magnesium drink probably increased my calcium beyond what my body needed and I saw an increase in IOP.  

Now, one can assume if it is possible to raise my IOP with an excessive amount of an element such as calcium, one can logically assume, then it is possible to lower my IOP with another element.  In other words, if an injested agent can raise my IOP, then there could exist an agent that could  create the opposite effect.  Being that Calcium and Magnesium seem to operate as a dichotomy, magesium supplementation may lower my IOP. 

I am on a quest to lower my IOP during my sleep as that is when it is highest.  Sleeping at a 30 degree angle has made significant impact on lowering my IOP during this time period.  This, I am sure of with certainty. 

Now, let's see how magnesium supplementation may help me.   I will do some analysis on this and post another blog soon!



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