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Permanently lowering eye pressure to 10 mm Hg in six months

Submitted by dave on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 12:23pm


I received the following response from a FitEyes reader on another topic. But his last comment prompted something I want to share with everyone. So please read on, starting with an edited excerpt from his comment that inspired me.

[I am on] on a six month trial doing alternate day fasting, twenty minute mindful meditative walks in nature twice a day, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every other day, while detoxing with hexagonal water.

[I am] 10% persuaded that [I] will permanently lower [my] intraocular pressure to 10 mm Hg  in six months.

That last line really caught my attention. Here is my response:

meditative walk in nature

Dear reader, as you can probably guess, I love your approach! 

I think the optimistic result you describe is in the realm of possibility. I have enjoyed a similar result, but it took me more than 6 months, and there are some limitations in my case. But I do believe I have permanently improved my innate capacity to manage my own IOP and I think my IOP data strongly supports this. (One example, if you read carefully, is published on FitEyes here.) However, I believe other people learning from me and the FitEyes community will be able to do better than I have done -- at at least achieve the same thing in less time.

I'll add one thing: I am 99.99% persuaded that this accomplishment, should it happen, will only happen on the basis of self-tonometry. 

Your approach is similar to mine. I had been doing 2x's a day/60 minute formal meditation practice (I had a 12 year streak going without missing a single day). But my healing progress in this area (and a surprising number of other areas of my life) only started for real when I started self-tonometry.

I'm 99% convinced that no individual will permanently lower his IOP significantly by non-medical/non-surgical means without self-tonometry. The "1% exceptions" might be yogi's with special powers - such as those who can stop their heart from beating normally by using their mind. But even those individuals do not know exactly what is happening in their physiology without feedback from scientific instruments. For example, the yogi who demonstrated that he could "stop his heart from beating" was not actually stopping his heart from beating. He was wrong. 

But he was also right in a sense. He did stop his heart from pumping blood! But the physiology was not doing what he claimed it was doing. Different things were happening even though he did in fact demonstrate profound "super normal" powers to a group of observing scientists (and the results were recorded on their instruments).

In that same regard, and in my own experience, I found that all the traditional meditation practices I tried could dramatically increase my IOP. The effect has subsequently been reported to me by a large number of glaucoma patients who have verified it repeatedly with reliable tonometers. Whether IOP increases or not is dependent upon a number of very subtle factors. The same is true in regard to aerobic exercise. There are people reading this email list right now who have good tonometers and who see an IOP increase from moderate aerobic exercise (even though others of us see a decrease in IOP). One will not know if the activities one is doing are raising or lowering IOP unless one actually measures IOP with a good instrument.

A six month investment in significant lifestyle changes is a huge and important investment. One doesn't often have the ability to make a six month commitment in life of this type. Even when we intend to do so, things happen! So a six month trial like this is a critically important investment and an opportunity that doesn't come along often. You will never be able to repeat this particular trial (subsequent experiments will be different). I hope you are able to supplement that six month investment with a tonometer. Recording your results from this first trial will inform everything else you do. It will elevate your knowledge an order of magnitude. And if you could contribute that IOP data to the FitEyes research project we would be highly, highly appreciative. We need more data and more participants in our research! Please send me a another private email (dave at this domain) if you want to follow up, or know the latest news about tonometer prices.

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