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Meeting To Discuss Non-medical Management of Eye Pressure and Self-Tonometry

Submitted by dave on Sat, 05/30/2009 - 1:59pm

This year the World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) is taking place in the United States (Boston, MA) from July 8th to 11th. Dr. Ritch will be there, as will Marcel and I.

I believe all of you know, or know of, Dr. Ritch. Marcel is a key founder of the International Society for Self-Tonometry (ISST), of which Dr. Ritch is Honorary Chairman. Marcel is a driving force behind getting me and several other self-tonometrists together in Boston.

Dr. Graham Lee is Co-Chairman of ISST and he will be traveling from Australia to Boston to attend. He will present a newly published research paper on self-tonometry as well as conduct a poster presentation on self-tonometry. If you can be in Boston, please plan to attend Dr. Lee's presentations. Marcel and I will be glad to introduce you to Dr. Lee.

In the last few days it has become apparent that several more of us in this self-tonometry group will be attending the World Glaucoma Congress. Given this momentum, I would like to make all of you aware of the opportunity to meet in person with others who belong to the very exclusive world-wide group of people performing self-tonometry. Dr. Ritch, Marcel and I are extending an invitation to all of you to come to Boston and meet other self-tonometrists in person.

This could be a great opportunity for you to gain invaluable insights into self-tonometry. There are people in this group who have gained various different skills in managing their own intraocular pressure. A meeting of all of us could be a profoundly powerful experience. I am sure each of you will come away from our group meeting with new ideas that will help you advance your non-medical approaches to maintaining your vision.

This conference is being attended by the top glaucoma experts from all around the world. They will be presenting the latest scientific understandings about glaucoma. Your opportunities to learn more about glaucoma and intraocular pressure during these four days in Boston are nearly unlimited!

This could also be an opportunity to learn a great deal about tonometers. At least one manufacturer will be presenting a new line of tonometers.

I am also trying to arrange personal demonstrations for each of you who attend. We would like to give you private demonstrations of what I consider the most advanced tonometers in the world. Several of these are research-only versions that you will rarely find in a physician's office. Contact me privately for more details.

The World Glaucoma Congress holds so many attractions that you will probably not be able to do or see everything you want to do and see during these four days. The scientific presentations, together with the manufacturer exhibits, will provide plenty of knowledge and stimulation! Those are probably the main reasons many glaucoma specialists are traveling to WGC from around the world. However, for those of us doing self-tonometry, this event represents a special opportunity. Contact us directly for more details.

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