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glaucoma medication washout observation with self-tonometry

Submitted by bstruss on Thu, 03/18/2010 - 4:48pm

My new glaucoma specialist has me on a complete drug washout period for the next few weeks. I am guessing that she wants to establish a baseline for diagnoses and treatment. Anyhow, because my ocular hypertension can run pretty high pressures, this process is a bit unnerving. But my main point here is to point out some interesting observations concerning weaning off of xalatan (the main med I take regularly). What I notice is that my pressures off of meds can spike quite high (32 the highest so far first thing am), but yet they still go down almost as low as when on full regular dose - about 13pt. So it seems to me that in my case, this drug seems to regulate the lability and spikes in pressure moreso than the 'lows.' Anyhow, I am in guinea pig mode, so I thought some might find this interesting.

I still have not figured out why if my pressures are capable of going so low (even off of drugs), why they insist on going so high :( 

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