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Night IOP curve

Submitted by Agnes on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 9:19am

If I base on this diagram then there is something wrong with my medication

Figure 1. Goldmann tonometer IOP readings (mean ± SD). All drugs significantly reduced IOP in comparison with baseline, except timolol at 3 AM. Latanoprost was more effective than timolol at 3, 6, and 9 AM (P = 0.03), at noon (P = 0.01), and at 9 PM and midnight (P = 0.05). Latanoprost was more effective than dorzolamide at 9 AM and noon (P = 0.03) and at 3 and 6 PM (P = 0.04). Timolol was more effective than dorzolamide at 3 PM (P = 0.05), whereas dorzolamide performed better than timolol at midnight and 3 AM (P = 0.05).

My IOP during the day is between 13-19 and here are the first night readings I finally got

12.44 R24.3/L23.7

2.39 R29.3/L26.7

.51 R30.7/L29.3

6.37 R24.3/L27

8.09 R25/L25

And I don't sleep totally supine because I don't like it.  I alway have enough pillows to keep my head at 25 degrees.

Now I may have to change the time of taking my drops because obviously there are both not doing what they should be doing.

 The question is what time is best to take them for night that also works for day. In the morning I only take Timolol.

I have a few questions:

1) the chart does not make sense to me.....every drops should be starting at the baseline meaning 22.... that would be the only way we could see which drop is really doing it's job. How anyone interpretes it?

2) is there a different baseline we should be following for night time and that would be from what time to what time

or the baseline I have during the day is incomplete because it is not including night time.

3) how serene impulse can help at night when you are sleeping... and David  I really would like to know your night results compared to today's results. Have you taken diffeent readings during the night  like me.


And looking at the chart I see that 7 hours later you see the lowest result with latanoprost. but dorzolamine has a much drastic effect on IOP for pretty much the same time frame.

Any input by anyone doing self tonometry would be greatly appreciated.


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