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Anger was the number one issue in vision problem

Submitted by Agnes on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 10:46pm

In 2006 Dr. Carol Look expert in EFT  did an experiment to find out if it was possible to use the simple procedure of EFT to improve eyesight. It was a 8 weeks experiment with initially 400 participants (120 dropped out)

According to that study 75 % of the participants showed an improvement in their vision during and by the end of the study.

25 % of the participants indicated no change or improvement.

Participants had a variety of vision problems such as astigmatism , floaters, myopia, glaucoma, catarats and more.

A range of emotions are linked to vision problems and according to that study anger was the number one issue (42 %).

Followed by anxiety, fear, guilt and hurt. Also something very interesting is that many participants had a fear of seeing (understanding). It is also what Karol Truman author of “Feeling Buried Never Die” find out about vision problems that they were linked to issues such as:

- Not wanting to understand what is seen

- Not seeing the truth

- Fearing the future (including aging)

- Inability to see ones own self worth.

Her list from her book is even longer. Back to the study, Dr. Carol Look wrote about one of her participant called Cheri in those terms:

What she found was that her ability to notice improvement in one of the categories, “Brightness” improved in the range of 50-75% (categorized as a level “4″ in the experiment, a “definite improvement.”) Her “Color Perception” improved at the level of a “3″ (25-50%) and”Color Contrast” improved also by a “4″ or somewhere between 50-75% on the rating scale. Cheri’s reported improvement in her farsighted vision was also rated as “definite improvement” at a “4.”She noticed this particularly when walking outdoors with her walking partner who “got an earful” about the beautiful scenery. She is also now able to watch television from afar. On the final questionnaire, Cheri wrote, “It has been many years since I’ve been able to see clearly the trees and their foliage or to determine if the rattle was a squirrel or a bird. My emotions are deeply buried and will take more work. My eyesight is something I can truly enjoy daily as I continue to work on my emotions.”

Conclusion: Consider the easy method of EFT that you can learn in one afternoon or less.

Silva Ultramind system for vision improvement

In the book “Ultramind ESP system” there is an interesting story about Bill Sturdevant, he was plagued with extremely bad eyesight (strabismus) and he used the Silva Control Method during the 70’s to improve his vision , he started in 1978 and in 1981 he stopped wearing glasses and now he has 20/20 vision.

In the book he wrote:

Positive affirmations helped me a lot when I was correcting my eyesight. I had a whole sequence of affirmations I went through, at least three times a day every day, along with visualizations. I still repeat it occasionally.

Note: He was using affirmations at Level (Alpha/theta), at level affirmations DO really work!


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