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A Brain Scientist Talks About Consciousness and Energy

Submitted by dave on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 12:11pm

This talk on the TED website by Jill Bolte Taylor about how she, as a brain scientist, was given the rare opportunity to study the brain from the inside out parallels many discussions here on  If you have an interest in consciousness, energy medicine, the ego and related health topics, this talk will inspire you.                                                                           

In my personal view, unity consciousness is not limited to "the consciousness of the right hemisphere." Jill neglects to talk about balanced integration of the whole brain, but she still delivers a powerful message worth spreading. Any glaucoma patient, any ophthalmologist -- indeed any person alive today -- must begin to understand consciousness because technologies of consciousness are the future of medicine. They are the future of our world's well-being and of our society's prosperity and happiness.

Watch the video above and think about how this scientist's personal discoveries correlate with the intraocular pressure and consciousness relationship I talk about here on

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