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Status of Website Upgrade

Submitted by dave on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 12:48pm is now running on a new website platform that is open source and that offers lots of enhanced features. We have invested a very large number of hours, for several months, in this upgrade so that you, the reader, can get more from your experience.

However, even with all the time we have invested, there may still be some pages of pre-existing content that are less than 100% correct after the upgrade. If you notice any missing links or other issues, please let us know.

The easiest thing to give us feedback is to just register with It is free and easy. And you be able to receive direct replies to your questions in a spam-safe manner as well as participate in our Email Discussion Group. is about creating a space dedicated to examination, discussion, and learning about cutting-edge topics in vision, including self-tonometry and non-medical means of managing intraocular pressure.

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Also, please share your thoughts on our website upgrade. What new features are most important to you? How do you like the new website?

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