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Quick Summary of My Eye Pressure Over The Last 9 Days

Submitted by dave on Tue, 12/26/2006 - 9:48pm

The combination of diligent stress management along with using Xalatan and timolol maleate (0.25%) without waiting between eye drops has produced very good results over the last nine days. I will comment on the details in other posts, but in this post I want to show the overall daily eye pressure averages for the last nine days because this is the best period on record so far.

relaxingIt is my opinion, based on a lot of data, that my eye pressure would not be nearly this good without diligent stress management. The ophthalmology profession does not recognize that stress can raise eye pressure. My own data clearly shows that my stress does raise my eye pressure. Without stress management, the values shown below would be 5 mm Hg or more higher.

Date Left Right
17-Dec-06 14.3 14.0
18-Dec-06 14.4 13.8
19-Dec-06 15.1 14.6
20-Dec-06 12.9 13.3
21-Dec-06 13.0 12.3
22-Dec-06 12.9 13.8
23-Dec-06 12.7 13.6
24-Dec-06 12.3 14.7
25-Dec-06 13.6 13.9

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