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Submitted by dave on Wed, 08/01/2007 - 12:48pm

We have a lot of different sections on this website. The newest addition is a help forum that focuses on using the website. I just posted a message there about navigating around I decided to post it here because so many people have asked questions about finding all the content on I think this info will help everyone understand the website layout.

The two main areas of are the blogs and the forums. In the blogs area there are multiple blogs. The same is true for forums - in the forums area we have quite a few different forums for different topics. Here is a map that should help you find your way around all the blogs and forums:

  • Blog Front Page - . This page lists all the latest posts from all the different blogs. It's called an aggregated blog page. You can read all the blogs by starting at this page. The posts are listed in order of popularity, not by date.
  • All Blogs on - . This shows the list of all the different blogs and gives a summary of each one. From this page you can go any an individual blog and read the posts there. When you do this the posts are shown in the order in which they were written by that blogger.
    • Blog Email Alerts - . This link is for the email alerts to my personal blog. You can control email alerts for each blog individually. I would suggest that you subscribe to them all. I often post in different blogs, depending on the topic.
  • All Forums on - .
  • Your Personal Profile - see this message for instruction on how to get to your personal profile. Basically, you just click on your name in the upper right area of any page (when you are logged in).
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