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Fundus Photos 2006

Submitted by dave on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 4:40pm


I was told, "Nice photos. I would like to use them in a lecture. Your left disc has some thinning of the rim superiorly. You could get a GDx-VCC and see what it shows."

I did get the GDx-VCC and I posted the  GDx-VCC test results here. I also have Heidelberg Retina Tomograph test results posted and you can find them by using the HRT tag.

Photo 1 Fundus Photo 1

Photo 2 Fundus Photo 2

 Click the thumbnail image to view the full size image.

You can find related posts on my blog by clicking the "optic nerve" tag in the "Popular Tags" area or by just browsing through the site.

Copyright notice - I gave my doctor permission to use these photos in lectures. I will probably give you permission as well, but you must request it first. Do not use these photos without my permission. Thanks.


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