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A First Step In IOP Data Collection

Submitted by dave on Thu, 07/06/2006 - 9:30pm

Here are today's IOP values. For a period of time, I will simply work with the experts to understand the process and the instruments. The more interesting things will begin once we have the procedures down pat.

Instrument Date Time Left Right
NCT 550 Reichert 06-Jul-2006 19:25 16 25
Goldman 06-Jul-2006 19:30 17 21
NCT 550 Reichert 06-Jul-2006 19:45 17 30
Reichert NCT II 06-Jul-2006 22:30 17 20

The first check with the AT 550 was done by the doctor's assistant. After that value for the right eye disagreed with the doctor's Goldman reading, the doctor repeated the measurement with the AT 550. This time the value was even more divergent. [UPDATE: after more than 12000 IOP measurements, I believe these unexpected IOP values should not be disgarded or dismissed. I think there may be a pattern even in these 'deviant' measurements; and I will attempt to further explain my observations and opinions in future posts.]

Regarding the second reading from the Reichert AT 550 non-contact tonometer (NCT) for my right eye, it is possible that I was too far away from the instrument. [UPDATE: I don't believe this was the case now.]

*The values from the Reichert NCT II are corrected with a mathematical formula. This is an older instrument and it cannot be recalibrated at the factory any longer. Therefore, we have our own correction factor that is automatically applied to all readings from this instrument. The numbers reported above for the Reichert NCT II consist of the mean of 4 readings from the left eye and 3 readings from the right eye. The standard deviations were 0.957 and 0.577, left and right respectively.


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